How Can
Learning Matters
Help You?

Learning Matters, Inc. is a consulting and training firm dedicated to helping school districts, administrators and teachers achieve greater success in their mission to educate children.


While Learning Matters' business is to provide consulting services to schools, fundamentally we exist to make lasting contributions to communities by improving opportunities for children to learn and grow and by strengthening the schools that serve them.

  Learning Matters' (LM) portfolio of services is designed to improve student performance, system performance, and to rally staff and community around the district’s improvement agenda.

  LM specializes in using data driven methodologies to make evidenced-based improvements across entire school systems. Using proven processes, diagnostic tools, and knowledge of proven research, LM helps districts achieve desired results, while building staff ownership that is crucial to maximizing student performance and sustaining results.

  Whether analyzing data, helping implement improvement ideas or assisting districts with reducing operating expenses, Learning Matters stays involved to ensure that desired results are achieved. LM works to maintain high staff morale and to provide proof—tangible, statistically-validated evidence—that improvement efforts are paying off. In the end, Learning Matters’ success is measured by your students’ success.


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